A Thank you from the Jackfish

Could anyone have predicted a more unpredictable year? 2020 has certainly had its ups and downs, but one thing is for sure, being able to see our fans at The Pond this summer felt like a light at the end of the tunnel.

As we venture into our offseason of preparation for the 2021 season, our second official season in the Intercounty Baseball League, I can't help but think of all the people we have to thank that helped the 2020 summer at The Pond take place under such extenuating circumstances.

Kudos to the City of Welland Recreation department, as they kept the field and stadium in amazing condition for not only the Jackfish to use but also all other user groups in Welland. Without the cities support, none of our events could have been possible.

We owe an enormous thank you to our sponsors and season ticket holders and your willingness to stick with us through such a challenging time. Saying thank you will never suffice or show how much you mean to us and we could never do any of this without you.

From the moment we learned that the Jackfish would not be suiting up this season, we sprang into action to be there for our fans. We hosted a virtual home opener, brought you many hilarious music videos and clips, and to cap it off we held three amazing events at the stadium in August.

Lastly, we want to save the biggest thank yous to our loyal fans. You make our jobs fun! Seeing your smiling faces at The Pond makes this all worth it. We appreciate you being so understanding this year with all the curveballs that were thrown your way.

Now on to 2021. The Jackfish will be back, and better than ever. We have some amazing plans in the works for 2021, including a long-term deal with the city to cement the Jackfish in the community for years to come. With that long-term deal, the Jackfish will also be announcing even more capital improvements to the park to allow our fans the best possible experience.

So, fans, grab your rod and get ready to #GetHooked, because this is just the beginning of Welland Jackfish Baseball.

Ryan Harrison
Majority Owner & President