Welland Jackfish COVID-19 Readiness Plan

In anticipation of the 2020 season and beyond the Welland Jackfish have developed an extensive COVID-19 readiness plan which sets forth best practices and new standard operating procedures that the team believes are necessary for Welland Stadium to open for Jackfish games when permitted. This detailed plan follows the journeys of fans, employees, and on-field personnel from the moment they arrive at the ballpark until the moment they leave. It addresses social distancing protocols throughout the facility and details enhanced cleaning and sanitization practices for before, during, and after events. The attached document provides a summation of these practices and procedures.

"We want our fans to know that we have developed plans to keep them all safe when we are permitted to return to action" said Jackfish President Ryan Harrison. "Whether it is in 2020 or beyond, the Jackfish will be prepared for everything and anything."

The plan adheres to current guidelines as provided by Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health. In an effort to develop a comprehensive and effective plan based on present-day guidelines.

This plan is completely independent of the City of Welland but will take guidance from the City when the time comes.

For more information, please contact the Jackfish at 905-736-1346 or info@wellandjackfish.com

Welland Jackfish COVID-19 Readiness Plan